TAS Desert Island Competition


Desert Island Competition!

Along the lines of Desert Island Discs, imagining yourself marooned as a castaway on the balmy Farne Islands (warmer during the Jurassic) with a salvaged trunk of books, we invite you to write about the books – or an experience – that got you hooked on archaeology, heritage and history. What would be in your trunk?

Tell us about your top three to ten books that shaped your fascination, or write about an experience that captured your imagination and interest. Pictures are great too. We’ll publish the winner and runners up in the bumper TAS BULLETIN Journal 19 (for 2014), in preparation now. The winner will receive a bottle of either Benylin or something sparkling – probably the latter – at the January 2015 AGM. Send your entry to teesarchsoc.news@gmail.com by close, Sunday 7th December.

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 A bit of small print: you do not need to be a TAS member to enter this competition, but we encourage you to join and share in the rich, distinctive heritage of north east England. Pictures must include copyright and/or source credit if not your own. The winner will be selected, subject to suitable submissions, by the TAS Committee whose decision is final, and will be notified by email. If under 21, the winner will receive a book token. You can also send entries by post to TAS Chair, 85 Nutbourne Street, London W10 4HL but please do not send original pictures or materials. The prize must be collected at the AGM or subsequent meeting in Stockton Central Library unless other arrangements are agreed. Only subscribed TAS members are eligible to receive the Bulletin Journal in print or electronic format.

Acknowledgement: thanks to Dr Lorna Richardson, University College London, for the inspiration and permission to extend this to TAS. See Desert Island Archaeology at http://desertislandarchaeologies.wordpress.com/

Kind Regards,

Spencer Carter | TAS Chair & eCommunications