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Lectures were suspended from March 2020 and resumed online-only from September 2020. Lectures are generally on the last Tuesday each month and commence at 7.30pm with a request to be online from around 7.20pm. Confirmations and instructions are sent by email around a week prior. For details of how to attend for free by temporary, virtual subscription, follow this link »

2021/2022 Programme (Autumn)


26 October 2021 Recent archaeological work at Lindisfarne | David Petts

David Petts is a Lecturer of Archaeology at Durham University. He is a specialist in early Christianity in Britain with a particular enthusiasm for early medieval monasticism. Having recently completed the sixth season of excavation on Holy Island (Lindisfarne), this talk will share some of the latest discoveries and show how archaeological research is providing an interesting alternative perspective on the history of the island than that given in traditional documentary sources.

30 November 2021 Recent archaeological work | Stephen Sherlock 

This lecture will feature 40 sites that the author has worked on in the Teesside area over the last 40 years. Spaning over 7,000 years from the Late mesolithic period to C20th, some sites will be familiar but others will see light of day for the first time. The talk will cover all periods from Prehistory, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval to modern, so there should be something for everyone!

27 December 2021 Online members’ evening

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