TAS NEWSFLASH | York Potash Project public consultations Jun-Jul 2014

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Pre-application public consultation events for key aspects of the York Potash Project

Dear TAS Members and Friends,

The latest York Potash (Sirius Minerals) company newsletter has details of their pre-application public consultation events for key aspects of the still-controversial York Potash Project. These focus on a series of local public exhibitions taking place in July. If you are unable to make these events, please visit their website where you can view their project brochure and give them your views online at http://yorkpotash.co.uk/consultation.

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York Potash is currently conducting pre-application consultation on its mine and mineral transport system which include:

  • Mine-head facility near Sneaton village, 3 miles south of Whitby
  • 23-mile sub-surface mineral transport system between the mine and Wilton, Teesside
  • Materials handling facility at the Lackenby/Wilton industrial complex
  • Harbour facility near Redcar steelworks on Teesside

“More details on…other impacts such as Historic Environment and Hydrogeology will be available in the Environmental Statement once the planning applications have been submitted.”
– Project Brochure

The polyhalite would be extracted via the mine shafts and transported to Teesside on an underground conveyor belt system in a tunnel that has an average depth of 250m. Once at Teesside the polyhalite would be granulated at the materials handling facility, with the majority being exported from the nearby harbour.

The consultation period runs from 26 June to 22 July 2014 with regional exhibitions throughout July.

Kind Regards,

Spencer Carter | TAS Chair & eCommunications

The header image and wording are those of York Potash and do not reflect the views of TAS.