Tees Valley in First World War publications

It is vital that we share with you the bastions of excellence that are the First World War sites across the Tees Valley area. Therefore, as a result of the work undertaken, a number of publications have been produced. These are freely accessible on this page, but please do acknowledge Teesside Archaeological Society and the Heritage Lottery if you are to use these.

Recording the Legacy of the Tees Valley in the First World

By David Errickson, Maureen Norrie and David Shipley

This publication was in the January 2017 edition of Teesside Archaeological Society’s annual bulletin journal. This featured information on the project and a thank you to the Heritage Lottery for funding the project. In addition, the publication contained information written by two of the volunteers which included their experiences of working on the project and specifically the work that they had been contributing towards the project.

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Stockton WW1 Wireless Station Building Recording and Historical Review

By Alan Betteney

Much was unknown about Stockton’s Y Station. It is a misconception that listening stations were only used in the Second World War; however this site in Stockton was before its time. Permission was finally obtained to access the site. On 24 August 2017 a group carried out the documentation of the buildings and structures remaining on the site. The site was recorded using a geographical positioning system so that accurate three-dimensional information could be stored for future use. Further, recording was carried out on other buildings that were newly identified as the worker’s cottages and a gravestone that had previously been identified as associated with the operators of the wireless station. This is the first time this building has been recorded in depth and the analysis of the buildings and structures has given a better insight into the site and its history.

Wireless Station Report

First World War Building Recording Project: a Volunteers Perspective

By Maureen Norrie and Gareth Rees

In the 2018 publication of Teesside Archaeological Society’s annual bulletin, two of the volunteers who had taken part in the project wrote about their full experiences on the project, the areas and sites that they found the most interesting, and the differences between certain uses throughout the First World War. The two volunteers in particular have worked very hard over the course of the project and contributed significantly to the amount of buildings documented.

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The First World War Gazetteer

This is a list of the First World War sites in the Tees Valley area. This is a summary of the information that was recorded throughout the project.

Gazeteer Document