TAS Virtual memberships

To help people stay connected to heritage and to like-minded people in these difficult circumstances, TAS has temporarily suspended paid subscriptions. Instead, we are offering free virtual memberships.

Benefits: regular email from TAS containing the link to our online lectures, and other news & opportunities. Our online lecture hosting has a cap on the number who can participate, so we can’t make these lectures open to the public. So subscribing (for free) is for the time being the only way you will be able to view TAS lectures

Cost: free

Virtual subscriber -members will be invited to convert their membership to a paid subscription when we revert to paid subscriptions, but will be under no compulsion to do this. Virtual subscriber-members can simply unsubscribe at that point.

To join as a virtual subscriber-member, email us at

teesarchsoc.news [at] gmail.com Please replace [at] with [@] – we have to write it this way on here to avoid being spammed by bots!