TAS LECTURE | Reminder for 4th June | NO LECTURE IN MAY |The Neglect of Prehistoric Monuments of Nothern England from a National Perspective | Emma Watson

Please note that there is no talk in May and it has been rescheduled for Tuesday June 4th. The talk will be at Stockton Central Library, starting 7:30PM. The talk is titled ‘The Neglect of Prehistoric Monuments of Northern England form a National Perspective’ by Emma Watson.

Ever noticed that there seem to be few Neolithic and Early Bronze Age monuments in Northern England? Ever wondered why that is?
This talk intends to illuminate the issues behind the neglect of our prehistoric structures from a national perspective.

Emma Watson is a research postgraduate in the Department of Archaeology at Durham University: her research topic is the neglect of Northern England’s Neolithic an Early Bronze Age structures in the archaeological literature of Britain.

We hope to see you all on June 4th, Stockton Central Library.




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