TAS LECTURE | Reminder for Tue 28th November | James Cook: Raising Anchors and Digging for Cottages | Phil Philo

This month’s lecture will be taking TAS members on an exciting journey through the life of Captain James Cook. Phil is going to discuss Captain Cook, incorporating archaeology into the story. This includes: raising the anchors of the Endeavour and the guns off of the Great Barrier Reef; searching for the Endeavour’s location in Newport Harbour, Rhode Island and digging for his family cottage in Stewart Park, Marton and Great Ayton.

Phil Philo is the senior curator at the Dorman Museum and the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, both in Middlesbrough. He is in charge of service management, strategic development, exhibitions programming and gallery development. The knowledge that Phil has from specialising in Captain James Cook is incredibly unique and certainly, is a lecture not to be missed!



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