TAS LECTURE | Reminder for Tue 30th May | NOTIFICATION OF LOCATION CHANGE | Lindisfarne and the Holy Island Archaeology Project |David Petts

Please note this month’s lecture can not be held in Stockton Library because it is being used as a polling station. Due to this, there has been a location change to Queen’s Campus, Durham University Stockton Campus room D 004.

Lindisfarne is home to one of the most famous monasteries in England. AD635 was when Kind Oswald founded the monastery, with its influence spreading far afield into continental Europe. This is, however, still to be found. This talk will discuss Lindisfarne, the Holy Island Projevt and the investigation into the location of the priory.

David Petts currently works as Senior Lecturer in Archaeology of Northern England at Durham University. He has worked on projects on the Lindisfarne monastery and has written books on the Early Medieval Church in Wales. David’s main interests are Social Archaeology of the 1st Millennium AD.



(Photo from: https://www.dur.ac.uk/research/directory/staff/?id=5760)


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