TAS LECTURE | Reminder for Tue 28th March | Flyingdales Moor: After the Wildfire | Blaise Vyner.

The landscape of the moorland at Flyingdales was completely changed following a devastating wildfire in 2003, destroying 2.5 square kilometres of land. This devastating natural disaster unearthed an abundance of archaeological sites including: Rock Art, Standing Stones, Cairns, Enclosures and Burial Mounds, some of which were previously unknown. There have been many excavations since the fire, most importantly the 2004 Stoupe Brow excavation by Steve Sherlock and this month’s speaker: Blaise Vyner.

Blaise has had 40 years experience as a professional archaeologist, working as County Archaeologist for Cleveland (1978-1991) and has much practical experience and knowledge of the archaeology of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Blaise is the author of many books, including ‘Flyingdales: Wildfire and Archaeology’ and is well-known within Teesside Archaeological Society.


(Image Source: http://www.blaisevyner.co.uk/contact.php)


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