TAS LECTURE | Reminder for Tue 30 Sep | Stone Age finds from Carlisle and Isle of Man

FH7.30pm in Stockton Central Library TS18 1TU

CNDRflint_400pxPlease remember to bring your membership card or a completed application form to join. Guests are welcome for £4 each on the door. Refreshments will be available at the end of the lecture.

Antony Dickson of Oxford Archaeology North will tell us about two quite incredible early prehistoric sites – and equally challenging excavations. The Carlisle ring road dig included Neolithic wooden tridents in a still-waterlogged ancient river channel and caused Europe to run out of plastic sample tubs.

Ronaldsway Meso structure during excavationAn extension to Ronaldsway airport runway on the Isle of Man had to be conducted at night to avoid aircraft and revealed, amongst many finds, a burnt Mesolithic hut (if not a village), and burning means preservation.

I look forward to seeing you!

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Spencer Carter | TAS Chair & eCommunications