TAS ACTION | Reactions to NYCC Archaeology budget cuts

Page updated: 06-Mar-2014

Dear TAS Members and Friends,

Here are two recent reactions to the North Yorkshire County Council budget cuts that threaten Heritage, Archaeology and Environmental service provision. Remember, the cuts were agreed in February but have not yet been implemented. This is a chance to write to the Council, Councillors and MPs | see how you can help »

I think we all sympathise with the very difficult choices faced by Councils and Local Authorities in light of drastic reductions in central government funding. And yet archaeology and heritage play such a valuable role in community well-being, inclusive activities and an attractive proposition that draws in investment, footfall and tourism too. Heritage is a positive GDP earner, but is being disproportionately targeted.


“It really struck home to me in the CBA journal I have just received, how the lack of funding from central government to local government is having an impact on ‘Heritage’ services. As a recently retired local government officer, who was also a member of my own employers ‘friends’ archaeology association, I find this situation deplorable. I know the department from my former employers has not had the finances for guided walks or for a repeat of an excellent conference for members, for the past year. I would have gladly paid for these events. However, I am in a much fortunate position than many people.”

wetland-logo-small-fileCARRS WETLAND PROJECT Facebook (Scarborough)

“Thanks for sharing this Spencer. Cuts to the staff team dealing with heritage and environment work across North Yorkshire are worrying. It is difficult to see how staffing reductions can be accommodated without losing some of the protection and leadership the County’s cultural, natural and historic environment has benefited from up to now.”

rescueRESCUE ‏@rescue_news

@TeesArchSoc “our experience suggests that local objections carry greater weight with local authorities than national campaigners.”

Kind regards,

Spencer Carter | TAS Chair and eCommunications


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