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TAS_Bulletin_19_2014_CvrThe BULLETIN is our annual journal provided exclusively to members since 1994. It covers the latest fieldwork activity and discoveries in the Tees Valley and catchment areas.

A very limited supply of printed back copies is available for purchase from the TAS BOOKSTALL at the end of each lecture. Electronic (PDF) versions of the most recent editions, many with colour images, are gradually being made available for current subscribed members – see the index, below.

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NOTE | The PDF downloadable files are  password protected and available only to current subscribed members. Email for the password – please include your subscribed name. When you click a link it may take a minute for the file to load. You will then be prompted for the password. You can view the file in your browser or download it to your computer. Back copies are also available via The British Library inter-library loan.

Bulletins were issued as A5 booklets until no. 7 (2002) – print these in landscape format. Bulletins are A4 size from no.8 (2003) and can be printed in portrait format. In printer options select “scale to fit” rather than “actual size” (or try a test page). Scanned text and image quality is dependent on the original print quality.

Issue No. | Year | Download (file size) Contents listings below are selective.

  1. TAS_Bulletin_01_19941994 | Download PDF* (7.8 Mb) »
    Includes: Great Ayton Moor survey, Ironstone miner’s house at North Skelton, Low Swainston deserted medieval village.

  2. 1995 | Download PDF* (9.4 Mb) »
    Includes: North-east archaeology roundup, Cup & Ring marked stones, Oliver’s Mount Scarborough, Aerial photography in Cleveland 1995.

  3. TAS_Bulletin_03_19961996 | Download PDF (7.6 Mb) »
    Includes: Bronze Age excavations at Fulforth Farm Witton Gilbert, Early Bronze Age cemetery at Windmill Fields Ingleby Barwick, Dalton-on-Tees Roman Villa excavations, Nether Middleton deserted medieval village, River crossings, Seaton Carew shipwreck.

  4. 1999 | Download PDF (11.1 Mb) »
    Includes: Dalton-on-Tees Roman Villa complex I, Late Roman site at Newton Bewley, Durham ‘Walkergate Millennium’ Project, Romano-British complex at Long Newton.

  5. 2000 | Download PDF (9.5 Mb) »
    Includes: Defence of Britain Project, Archaeology at Durham Cathedral, Dalton-on-Tees Roman Villa complex II, Industrial Archaeology on Teesside, Regional archaeology roundup.

  6. 2001 | Awaits scanning
    Includes: Iron Age settlement at Kilton Thorpe, Roman Villa complex at Chapel House Farm Dalton-on-Tees in a north-east rural context, Excavations at Thornton, Regional archaeology roundup.

  7. 2002 | Awaits scanning
    Includes: Forty years of archaeology on Teesside, Hartlepool Headland community project, Romans at Sedgefield, Bronze Age dock on the North Yorkshire Coast, Excavations by Tees Valley Archaeology, Hardwick Park, Medieval finger ring from West Hartlepool.

  8. 2003 | Awaits scanning
    Includes: Excavations at Kilton Thorpe, Excavations at Foxrush Farm, Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Norton, Excavations at Medieval Long Marston, Two stone axes from Kirkleatham, Bronze Age Staithes revisited.

  9. 2004 | PDF in prep
    Includes: Foxsrush Farm Iron Age excavations, Great Ayton Community Project, Excavations at East Marton–Captain Cook birthplace, Iron Age structure at Newby, Iron Age settlement site at Kirklevington, Iron Age settlement sites on Cowpen Bewley–Warden Law pipeline route, Prehistoric cup-marked stones at Ravenscar, Romano-British trumpet brooch from Eston, Iron Age excavations at Street House Farm Loftus.

  10. 2005 | Awaits scanning
    Includes: Excavation of cropmark enclosure at Street House Farm Loftus, Study of distribution of marked stones and cairns at Ravenscar, Foxrush Farm excavation update, Pentacostal Church at North Skelton, Recent work at prehistoric and Romano-British Catcote, Flint knife from Lingdale.

  11. 2006 | PDF in prep
    Includes: Brow Moor monument in prehistoric context, Street House Farm Loftus excavation update, Excavations at Sussex Street Middlesbrough–prehistoric, medieval and 19th-century finds, Foxrush Farm excavation update, ‘Dig for History’ Project.

  12. 2007 | Download PDF (3.9 Mb) »
    Includes: North East Yorkshire Mesolithic Project, Wainstones prehistoric rock art, Sedgefield Roman Town excavations, Foxrush Farm Iron Age excavations.

  13. TAS_Bulletin_13_20082008 | Download PDF (4.9 Mb) »
    Includes: Eston Hills prehistoric rock art, Bronze Age sub-territories at Ravenscar, Anglo-Saxon Royal Cemetery at Street House Loftus, Gisborough Priory Gardens field evaluation, Fylingdales Moor update, Terracotta field drain pipes.

  14. 2009 | Download PDF (2.2 Mb) »
    Includes: Water and rock art in northern England, Review of The Hulleys Cloughton, Dalton-on-Tees Roman Villa excavations diary, ‘Hartlepool-Built’ maritime project.

  15. TAS_Bulletin_15_2010

    2010 | Download PDF (7.8 Mb) »
    Includes: Wainstones prehistoric rock art discoveries, Fylingdales Moor update, The Hulleys interim report, Saltburn Beach Rutway survey results.

  16. 2011Download PDF (4.6 Mb) »
    Includes: Dynamics of prehistoric ritualised landscapes, The Hulleys update, Newly discovered prehistoric rock art in North Yorkshire, A possible castle at Yarm, Flint find from Eston Hills, Fylingdales Moor update, West Hartburn review, Medieval recording at Belais and Billingham.

  17. TAS_Bulletin_18_20132012 | Download PDF (4.9 Mb) »
    Includes: Excavations and recording at St Andrews Old Chruch Upleatham, Fylingdales Moor update, Walled Garden excavations at Preston Park, Polished stone artefacts from Farndale, Prehistoric rock art in Lunedale, Ted Coles obituary.

  18. 2013 | Download PDF (3.9 Mb) »
    Includes: Excavations at St Andrews Old Church Upleatham (archive), Cairns as possible prehistoric waymarkers in Scugdale, Probable ritual landscapes within North York Moors region.

  19. TAS_Bulletin_19_2014_Cvr2014-15 | Download PDF (10.8 Mb)  »
    Includes: Development-led archaeology in County Durham 2013-14, Darlington Town Hall 2013 excavations, Roman Binchester 2014 season, New Durham University Museum of Archaeology, Tees Heritage Protection Alliance, Human evolution based on recent discoveries in Georgia, Prehistory in the National Curriculum, Intertidal prehistoric peat beds at Redcar, Book review and TAS 2015 programme.                                                                                              
  20. 2015 – 2016 |       2015-2016

Includes: Round-up of interesting sites in Co. Durham 2015; Co Durham and Teesside finds reported through the Portable Antiquities Scheme; Fieldwork, a GIS approach; Rievaulx Abbey, update on a long-term landscape conservation; Excavations at White House Farm, Stokesley, 2015; Blaise Vyner, the first fifty years; Brotton back garden excavations, part 2; Romano-British site at Broughton near the Roman fort of Dreventio, at Malton, Yorkshire; and TAS 2016 programme

21. 2017 |               2017

Includes: Hartlepool Headland’s town and sea walls; Rediscovery of the Bath Building outside Chester le Street Roman Fort; Durham County Council Archaeology round up; Archaeological collections, Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough; First World War recording project – recording the legacy of the Tees Valley in the First World War, Volunteering for the project, some Stockton on Tees sites; Reprise, that was the year that was; Prehistoric axe; Book review and 2018 programme.

22. 2018 |             2018

Includes: Ice and Fire project, Eston Hills; New light on the early medieval archaeology at Holy Island (Lindisfarne); Locating King Henry’s gift to Rievaulx Abbey in the Vale of Pickering; Whorl Hill enclosure, Whorlton (Site 156); Tees Archaeology; First World War building recording project, a volunteer’s perspective; Whatever happened to … World War One sites in Stockton?; ‘Microcosms of English History’ – Kildale, Lonsdale, Westerdale, Baysdale, and the ‘Hidden Valleys Community Project’; Excavations at St Margaret of Antioch medieval church, Brotton 1980- 1988; Reprise – reprint of Brotton, back garden excavations, part 2; Information for authors and 2019 programme

23. 2019 


Includes: The steel remains – exploring the artefact evidence from the bombardment of the Hartlepools during World War One; Archaeological works at Greatham South flood alleviation; Some ‘battlefields’ finds from the Northeast; Recent archaeological fieldwork in Tyne and Wear; Binchester 2018 – upgraded facilities and a new excavation; Heritage open day – Teesside’s oldest structure, Street House, Loftus; Excavations at Easby Motte; Excavations in the dunes near St Germain’s, Marske; Book review – Reich D 2018, ‘Who we are and how we got here’


Archived Newsletters

Published from 1984 to 1995, from 1988 as The Teesside and Durham Archaeological Societies NEWSLETTER. Open Access, no password required.

  1. 1984 August | TAS Newsletter | Download PDF »
  2. 1984 November | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
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  4. 1985 September | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  5. 1986 April | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  6. 1986 September | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  7. 1987 Spring | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  8. 1987 Autumn | TAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
    Becomes The Teesside and Durham Archaeological Societies Newsletter
  9. 1988 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  10. 1988 Autumn | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  11. 1989 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  12. 1989 Autumn | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  13. 1990 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  14. 1990 Autumn | TAS Newsletter | Download PDF »
  15. 1990 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  16. 1991 Autumn | TDAS Newsletter | Download PDF »
  17. 1992 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Download PDF »
  18. 1992 Autumn | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  19. 1993 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Download PDF »
  20. 1993 Autumn | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning
  21. 1994 | TDAS Newsletter | No archive copy (can you lend one for scanning?)
  22. 1995 Spring | TDAS Newsletter | Archive copy awaits scanning

Other TAS publications

Available at Middlesbrough Reference Library and from The British Library inter-library loan.

  • Sherlock, S.J. 2007. The Excavations of an Iron Age Settlement at Street House, Loftus, North East Yorkshire 2004–2006. Middlesbrough: Teesside Archaeological Society. 4pp+50pp B&W illus. TAS retains an archive hard copy.
  • Parker, J. (ed.) 2002. Landscapes of the Tees Valley: an aerial view. Middlesbrough: Teesside Archaeological Society. 4pp+40pp B&W illus+Colour plates. TAS retains an archive hard copy.

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